Our wooden products usually meet highly specific requirements and limitations. What is displayed here is a sample of delivered custom-made products, to inspire and let your own imagination flow. The product range is therefore constantly increasing. The idea is to provide an opportunity for you to design your own frame, bed, tabletop etc. as well as usage (for instance frames to paintings, pictures or other craftwork, tabletops for workbench, bathrooms, office etc. one, two, three or even four beds combined to a really large 2×2 bunk-bed). If this appears overwhelming, we can provide as much guidance you like.


To make sure our custom design meets your expectations we present our customized product to you in a tender (for free). That will describe the product with as much detail as needed, usually with a schematic drawing. Remember that the size of all products can be scaled (within reasonable limits) and that your idea may inspire to a new product. The more background information you provide, the better offer you will receive. Preferably, comment and sketch and perhaps include pictures relating to your idea. Products already made before can of course be ordered directly.

Peter’s craftwork usually addresses several practical aspects and has a robust and simple expression. Most products are made from pine, sometimes oak, birch and similar kinds of wood. The perspective is that the perceived quality depends on how appropriate the product is for the specific situation. Products may originate from practical considerations and usually involves substantial imagination, in style similar to the thoughts of Da Vinci. Examples are novel art-frames, special bunk-beds, odd sized table tops or custom bed-head. His engineering skills are central for making durable and well-working constructions from usually quite rough ideas. Trained in research he has substantial endurance, pays attention to details and has an ability to find unconventional solutions to practical challenges.
He is an autodidact craftsman and has worked with wood constructions since childhood.

If you express your own ideas, we may realize them for you:

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