The bedfoot shown below unites our painting and craftwork. The motif is taken from the west-coast in Sweden where offshore sea kayaking is common during summer. The frame is made of oak, the material is actually meant for use as a tabletop in the kitchen. Using materials for other usage than intended (after careful consideration of its suitability), is sometimes good and cost-efficient. The corners are carefully joined for durability and stability.


The bedfoot below the painting is leaning towards the wall and stands on only two supporting feet in the front. That makes it very stable with a minimal footprint. It is simple to move, which makes it is easy to keep the floor clean. Spot lights facing upwards on the painting are included, as well as individual adjustable reading lights facing downwards on both beds. Cables are hidden in slots in the back of the frame. Behind the front panels just above the bed level can disturbing objects like cellular phones be hidden. The front also halts the beds as they are pushed against the bedhead. All such details and of course dimensions, shelves, lightning and painting etc. can be adjusted according to your wishes.