Tables and tabletops

Table-tops are usually produced in specific standardized sizes. Work benches in the kitchen are usually long but narrow and rather thin. For office use they are wide but short. Often it is impossible to find a tabletop of optimal size. In a workshop it is usually preferable to have a large, wide, thick and durable heavy tabletop, which rarely is available in shops. To fit a particular room and purpose, no sufficiently large tabletop might be found. Within limits set by manufacturing and transportation, we offer custom made tabletops made of laminated wood. It can be made from pine or oak. We can also combine prefabricated laminated wood into a larger tabletop — when the size of each is too small. We can also add an higher edge to the table to add a more sturdy look, drill holes and adapt the table top as you like. Various legs and frames can also be made. Superior stability and optimal use of available space is achieved by mounting the tabletop on a fixed frame attached to the walls.


Below is shown a large removable table-top, made of pine for serving buffet in a small restaurant, of size 1010x2920x70 (30) mm. The edge is 70 mm while the thickness is 30 mm. It weights about 50 kg.