Our paintings (download flyer (Swedish,new tab)) are offered in various ways, with or without our own frames. What is displayed is a collection of our paintings for sale. The idea is to provide the opportunity to choose virtually all aspects of the painting, the motive and type of paint (oil or acrylic), size, frame (material, profile, color, hangers etc). Of course it is possible to select from existing paintings, we always have a small collection for sale.

Enjoy our collection (top menu) and let it inspire. For instance, we can paint your favorite garden flower, pet, place, a child or fantasy. The size, aspect ratio and frame is often crucial for the final result, we therefore encourage you to consider the place where it will hang before ordering. Do not forget the frame (irrespective if you include one of others or not) — one is often amazed how much a frame improves the overall impression of artwork.

Katja paints in a style that could be described as figurative and representational, but heading into forms of abstraction when painting in acrylics.
When working in oil on canvas, she explores the interplay of light and shadow e.g. in realistic landscapes, floral and nature studies that portray her love of the outdoors.
Inspiration comes from everyday life and memories.
Commissions for portraits of people, pets, or buildings are welcome.
She is primarily self-taught.

Occasionally our paintings and frames are shown at various events. See you soon!

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