Scientific modeling

We provide consulting services for mathematical analysis, modeling and simulation, to enhance and improve the credibility in development work and suggest, perform and present conceptual studies of novel solutions, but also execute conventional modeling tasks:

  • Our concept is to process deterministic as well as statistical pieces of information to the credible, relevant and directly applicable knowledge by mainly utilizing mathematical theories, methods and tools.
  • Our efficiency is guaranteed by an open mind and a small-scale enterprise with minimal overhead costs and a pragmatic practically oriented perspective.
  • Our generic approach is made possible by many years of similar practice in vastly different fields.
  • Our persistence in answering solving your complex questions lies in our experience of dealing with many other challenges with comparable difficulty.
  • Our novelty and credibility relies upon a solid ambition to enhance our mathematical creativity, knowledge and tools by publishing our progress scientifically.

Typically we utilize software resembling Matlab, like Octave, Scilab and R.

Recent experience illustrates but by no means constrains our ability, neither in scope nor in depth:

  • Road surface calibration — predicts safety margins and supplies means for improving maintenance of public roads, encompassing dynamic modeling of vehicles as well as uncertainty quantification to evaluate spread in traffic.
  • Deterministic sampling — our novel approach of uncertainty quantification based on deterministic sampling, of unprecedented efficiency, applicability, repeatability and reproducibility.
  • Model calibration — deterministic sampling methods of inverse uncertainty quantification, to optimize scientific models against observations/measurements for best possible predictability.

Our offer to you
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    Experience (our own terminology in italics)

    • Superconductivity — Current fluctuations in mesoscopic heterostructures (Ph.D.) and magnetic storage
    • Electrical power system analysis — Disturbance propagation and stationary state
    • Wind power systems — Design of Wind farms, multi-phase power generators
    • Telecommunication — Tuning algorithms and software
    • Mechanical systems — Testing machines, force sensors and accelerometers, vehicles
    • Nuclear Technology — Uncertainty quantification using Wilks’ method
    • Speach and Language Therapy — Identification of models of tapping
    • Measurement Science — Dynamic Metrology: Analysis of dynamic measurements, mainly utilizing custom digital filters
    • Uncertainty Quantification — Deterministic sampling: Representation of statistical information with calculated model samples

    Recent developments in the fields of deterministic sampling and dynamic metrology are exemplified and summarized in the publicly available book chapters below, more information is provided in the list of references:

    • Hessling J P, Deterministic sampling for Quantification of Modeling Uncertainty of Signals in Digital Filters and Signal Processing (direct open source access), ISBN 978-953-51-0871-9 (INTECH, 2013).
    • Hessling J P, Integration of digital filters and measurements in Digital Filters (direct open source access), ISBN 978-953-307-190-9 (INTECH, 2011).
    • Hessling J P, Metrology for non-stationary dynamic measurements in Advances in Measurement systems (direct open source access), ISBN 978-953-307-061-2 (INTECH, 2010).