Road surface calibration

The application road surface calibration is currently under development. The goal is to predict and present various consequences of driving on imperfect roads, in their actual current condition — not how the were designed or intended to be. The analysis relies upon several sources of information:

  • A detailed scan of the road surface (road surface map).
  • Geographic position along the road.
  • Speed limit along the road.
  • Dynamic models of traffic of interest.
  • Features of interest, e.g. exposure of whole-body vibrations and vehicle stability.
  • Spread and uncertainty of all the above.

The last aspect relies upon our methods of uncertainty quantification. Modeling of traffic will utilize linear signal processing and mathematical tools partly developed in our novel concept dynamic metrology and model calibration.

What our service will consist of, who our collaborating partners will be and to whom and in which form it will be offered is still to be determined in detail. An early example is given by our pilot projects covering whole-body vibrations in different buses in Gothenburg. Please contact us if road surface calibration is of interest to you!