Visit our garden and ‘Kaffelje’

Artwork and wooden products which are unique to each customer, rather than the same one-of-a-kind products to everyone, requires extensive adaptation. Typically, it involves adjustments of dimensions, design and joints. For paintings it includes selection of motives and frames.

To meet your expectations but perhaps also suggest practical solutions, information is needed. Feel free to visit us to discuss your ideas without any obligation to order, but please contact us (see below) first. In the warm period of the year, visitors may enjoy our garden and our fish pond (shown above). We keep around 10 medium-sized Koi and about as many Golden Orfe. Children are often amazed by our two large Diamond Sturgeons (sorry, no kaviar) about 70 cm long. If you happen to have a pond of your own (or intend to build one), we can also manufacture related wooden products, like the curved bridge above, filter and electrical housings, flower pots of any size etc. in the type of wood you prefer. Of course we are also happy to share our experiences how to build ponds, ranging from pond construction and practical details to filter systems, water quality, maintenance and local suppliers of fishes and equipment. Even if we are not experts in any way, we have done some of the errors which form expertise in the long term.

A handful different paintings of various sizes, motives and frames for sale are displayed in a small studio, which also illustrates how your particular customized artwork might turn out, in part or as a whole. Here you can also find inspiration and tips to create your own special frame design. Dedicated frames might boost your own unique profile as a semi- or full-professional painter. Why not let us provide you with a consistent, unique an affordable set of frames for an entire collection of your favorite paintings — perhaps for display in your own exhibition?

We look forward to discuss your ideas further with a cup of fresh coffee but also show examples of our products in our garden/studio. In Swedish, ‘Kaffe’ and ‘Atelje’ naturally combines into ‘Kaffelje’, a term just as unique as our customized products.