The most important limitation for large pieces of furniture like bunk-beds is the available space. Usually the top bed is quite low making it difficult to use the lower bed as a couch. The depth and height of the bed can also make it difficult to sit, as well as a mattress of poor quality of an aggressive edge around the bed. Reducing the size of the bed, or changing the height of the top bed is usually quite difficult. We make bunk-beds from scratch, according to your particular situation as well as your wishes. The design can be chosen freely, as long as it does not jeopardize stability and safety. In a cottage the lower bed is often a couch during the day, while children enjoys the upper bed the most. That means the space and width on top can be smaller than below.

The bunk-bed shown below have an odd mattress-length of 191 cm. The length is chosen to fit between an outer wall (to the right) and a door (to the left). The upper bed is about 30 cm higher than normal, which the high ceiling allowed for. In this case, the lower bed serves as a comfortable couch. Its width is 110 cm to allow for a small double-bed and still make it a good couch with large pillows. The gables have the unconventional shape of a ‘K’ to make it an open construction which do not cover the window (to the right). The frame in pine is glued together with birch-feathers in all joints, making the frame stiff and slender (35 mm).

The ladder to the left is removable, comfortable to climb, provides support for cushions and is positioned not to interfere with the ‘K’ design of the frame. Two bookshelves are mounted on the frame, see high part of the back side. They are tilted for keeping books in place. The depth is fairly small not to disturb when using the lower bed as a couch. Mobile phones and tablets can be put on the shelf (a charging socket is attached under the lower shelf to the right). Books (up to A4) are supposed to be put along the shelf.